Moscow Aviation University

Moscow Aviation University

Moscow Aviation University provides training throughout the lifecycle of high-technology products from the system design to the practising of separate operations.

Moscow Aviation University mission is to create a top-level engineering manpower through forward-looking research at all stages of aviation, rocket and space technology. Moscow Aviation University is engaged in all major partnership projects in Russia. It also cooperates with leading Russian and foreign industry-based corporations such as COMAC, ENAC, Safran, BrahMos Aerospace, HAL, United Aircraft Corporation, Roscosmos, Rostec and many other firms. The high-tech projects in Moscow Aviation University are fulfilled with the help of advanced technologies in the below areas:

Mathematical Simulation;
Lifecycle Products Management;
Composite Structures Manufacturing;
Integrated Avionics;
Engineering Systems Electrification.

Moscow Aviation University is one of the most popular universities in the field of aerospace training and in other high-tech industries. Moscow Aviation University has its focus on the development of areas including Aircraft, Space and Energy systems, IT, new materials and production technologies, the multifaceted use of aerospace and digital technologies.

Since the foundation of Moscow Aviation University, more than 175.000 professionals have graduated. More than 70% of MAI graduates work for industry-based corporations in all around the world. MAI holds the record among universities in the number of graduates who have become space and test pilots. There are 23 pilot-cosmonauts who spent more than 15 years performing space missions. 65 spacewalks were carried out. Many MAI graduates are currently working as cosmonauts.

Globalization of education is one of the main objectives of Moscow Aviation University. University has undergone a lot of positive changes in order to achieve that goal. Since 1992 after a long break Moscow Aviation University has greatly intensified its international activities, and has opened its doors to international students from around the world.

The International Department strives to maintain the international environment at the university, to develop and support our international community, and to provide best services to our international students.

The decision to study abroad may be life changing. It is a great way to get an international degree, to enhance academic knowledge and skills of students, and to get the unique experience of living and studying in a new country. University also realize that it may be challenging to experience a new culture and be away from foregn students family and friends. The International Department takes responsibility to make students feel at home and provide assistance in all aspects of their life and studies in Moscow.

Moscow Aviation University also encourage students participate in vibrant student life of MAI and extracurricular activities where students can let their talents and skills shine. 

The International Student Center is in charge of all international students of MAI: meeting of newly arrived students at the airport, help with settling in after arrival, university tours; supervision of the educational process; assistance in solving issues related to studies, accommodation, and daily life; issuing confirmation documents, certificates in the Russian, English and other languages upon students request; preparation of personal files, private medical insurance and accident insurance, supervision of annual medical check-ups.

Departments of Moscow Aviation University;

Aircraft Engineering: The school curriculum includes such disciplines as spacecraft and rocket systems, flight dynamics and control, spacecraft structure strength and thermal modes of operation
Spacecraft Engineering: This program and its subject areas are designed in an aerospace context which ensures that the subjects are developed to the most technologically advanced level
Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering: The curriculum combines the best traditions of the Russian engineering school and the most advanced approaches in design and operation of different types of engine systems
Propulsion Engineering

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5500 $


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What Includes to Total Payable Package Fees?

Annual Tuition Fee
To arrange Accommodation according to Student’request
Annual Permission To Stay Fee
Annual Medical Insurance Fee
Translation of Documents into Ukrainian language and Legalization
Visa Consultancy
To get Invitation Letter from Universities
DHL to the Address of a Student
Enrollment Fee of the Universities
Registration Fee of Universities
To provide GSM Mobile in Ukraine (5GB Internet, 150 minutes call to all GSM mobiles inside of Ukrainian)
To Pick up from Airport
Orientation of The City
To get Certificate and Enrollment to the Bachelor Degree (For Preparatory Courses)
Free Consultancy for one year in our Kiev, Ankara and Baku offices

Courses for Bachelor Degree

Tuition Fees

Aircraft Engineering

3250 $

Rocket Engineering

3250 $

Aircraft Engine Engineering

3250 $

The cost of a student accommodation in Russia can range from RUB 150 to RUB 35,000 (USD2.6 – USD 612) per month, depending on where you’re staying and the type of accommodation you choose.  Among the cities in Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are well known for being the expensive cities to live in.

Types of Student Accommodation in Russia

Private Rentals – A common accommodation option for international students is to live in a private rentals. While this may cost slightly more than university dormitories, private rentals provide you more comfort and independence.

University Dormitories – University dormitories range from 500 RUB (7 USD) to 5,000 RUB (780 USD) per month. Dormitories are often cheaper than private rentals with prices set by your institution. University dormitories always come with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The dorms are furnished, generally located on campus, and often near cafes and sports activities. Dormitory accommodation can give you more options for socializing with other students and cultures. 

In order to find the best accommodation type that fits your expectations, you can contact with PR Overseas Education Counseling.

Required Documents For Enrollment:

School Certificate/High School Diploma

 Passport with expiry date of at least 3 months following the end of visa validity and at least 3 blank pages

 Visa Application form printed or written in block letters. It must be filled in carefully, clearly and precisely and signed personally by the applicant. It is free of charge to download an electronic version from web-site or to obtain a paper version at the Embassy

 Two recent colour pictures against the white background (30 x 40 mm)

 Original of birth certificate and a copy legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country

 Original invitation (will be sent by US) with the name of an intermediary company and its certificate number on the reverse side

 Original of school-leaving certificate of secondary school (college) record with enclosed statement of results (transcript of marks received) and their copies
legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country

 Medical certificate of general fitness legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country. Medical certificate is valid for TWO MONTHS, which means an
Applicant has to enroll to his/her institution within two months since medical ccertificate was issued

 Results of HIV/AIDS test legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing Country

Note : Ukraine Visa procedures are different from one to other countries. Please get assistance from our education counselors.

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